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Maple Hill Farm believes in education and knowledge of where your food comes from. We want you to see how our animals are raised, the conscious effort we put forth to make sure they live a great life, and the value we put into their existence. Since we want you to see this firsthand and talk with us about our values, we only offer direct sales through our farm store and at local farmers markets.

If you are unable to visit us locally, make sure to reach out. We may know farmers in your area that share our same values.

- Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food-


Our grass fed beef is rotationally grazed throughout the summer months. In the winter, they are fed the hay that we have managed on pastures where we add nutrients back into the soil through no till seeding and fertilizing with winter bedding. Nothing goes to waste.


Our chicken flock is pastured and moved daily to forage on lush grass and bugs. This grazing of both our Meat and Laying Hens enriches and fertilizes our topsoil therefore never requiring chemical fertilizers.


We raise a heritage breed called Large Black. They are known for their docile nature and ability to forage. We are pasture based allowing them to farrow and roam where they desire. We are also Animal Welfare Certified. Read more about that certification here.


We milk our flock of sheep February through September which goes into award winning cheeses made by Carr Valley Cheese. We also raise lamb which have been pastured and allowed to graze on lush grass which again is never artificially fertilized or sprayed.