The week was spent getting ready for the Open House! The weather the weekend before was unseasonably warm for February so we knew we were in trouble. And we were right! The weather forecasters were predicting Snowpacalypse 2017. While our area did not get a terrible accumulation (about 5 inches), it still made us concerned. But everyone came out in full force to support us. We had 62 baby lambs ready for the papparazzi, had a campfire and smores, and a staged area for taking pictures. Everyone came out in full force and sounds like everyone had fun. The lambing season always makes us feel blessed!

After cleaning up from the Open House, it was time to work on our website and Etsy store with new designs and new photography. It has been awhile since we updated everything and need to keep everything fresh. Let us know your thoughts.

This week we are anxious to get back in the lab. What is on the creation list? Well, Forager’s Harvest is well known for their hickory nut oil that they press themselves. Melissa reached out to me to see if I would want to try making a soap with this great oil. Stay tuned – I think it is going to be a great collaboration!

Now what to have for this week’s recipe. Hmmm, all I can think of is BLT cause as I type this, I have bacon cooking for our supper which is yes, a BLT. I don’t think I need to type up the recipe. I will just tell you what makes it so wonderful is Maple Hill Farm nitrate free bacon from our pastured pigs. Give it a try!