Is Spring Finally Here?

We were getting anxious and anticipated the weather to be more cooperative, so we started to tap trees for maple syrup. We sold out completely of syrup shortly after the holidays so we are in desperation for that sweet goodness. Well the weatherman was a little off and the sap did not run but today is looking up. Brian looked out at our maple tree right by our house window and saw a few sap icicles hanging from the tree. A very good sign so hopefully the cooker will be boiling soon. Make sure to stop by and check out the process if you wish.

Also, this week, Sugar had a spa day. Doesn’t every good farm, sheep herding, frisbee catching, customer greeter, all-around loveable dog deserve a day of pampering? She does need to look good for all the visitors that come just to see her. She got a good bath, haircut, and pedicure. Upon shedding her winter coat, we actually found white fur again. She is looking refreshed and ready for the next mud puddle she runs through to catch a stick or frisbee tossed her way.

Lastly, we attended the annual Spring Farm, Home, Garden, and Sport Show in Ladysmith. Wow, did we have fun! It is always a joy to talk with people, share what we are doing, and to reconnect with our loyal customers. Makes us truly realize our blessings and yes, each one of you are counted in those blessings.

This week’s recipe is going to highlight maple syrup since it will shortly be restocked in the store. Did you know that true maple syrup contains calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus sodium, potassium, and zinc. Vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and B6 are also found in maple syrup. WOW! That is a lot of goodness all from boiling the water content out of maple sap.

Iced-Maple Espresso Shake 

3 ice cubes

¾ cup cold, brewed espressor or other strong coffee

½ cup milk

¼ cup maple syrup

½ pint good quality vanilla ice cream (a good sheep milk ice cream would be wonderful)

Put the ice cubes inside a folded towel and crush them. Combine crushed ice, espresso, milk, maple syrup, and ice cream in a blender. Process until slushy. ENJOY!

Courtesy of Storey Publishing Maple Syrup Cookbook