A New Year!

Wow - it was October 2017 since I last wrote in our blog. November through the end of December was crazy busy . . . crazy, overwhelming, and beyond our wildest expectations.  Our sheep milk soaps/lotions and meat gift boxes graced many of your homes this past holiday season.  It means so much to us that you included a little piece of Maple Hill Farm in your festivities.  So with that, THANK YOU!!

Now we are well into 2018 and settling into a quieter routine.  We have most of our spring, summer, and fall on the farm classes scheduled.  We will have herbal classes, foraging classes, seed preservation classes, mushroom classes, a family fun day, and even a sheep shearing day.  There are so many things out there that we love to learn about and we hope by making it available to you, you can become a little more sustainable in the process.

Next up on the farm will be lambing season.  By mid February, we should hopefully (if all goes according to plan), have a barn full on baby lambs.  We are primarily a sheep milk dairy farm so we look forward to this time of year with excitement but a little nervousness.  Every year comes with a new set of obstacles . . . I mean opportunities . . .  to overcome.  From milk fever to bloat to bitterly cold lambing to overly damp temperatures to pneumonia - all provide a time for us to put our knowledge and love for what we do to the test.  But the minute Brian tells me we have a ewe giving birth, the fear goes away and we are excited like little kids on Christmas morning.  We live for this!  We work hard every day doing what we do!  But at the end of the day, trials and tribulations are all worth it because we are on this farm, living a life we are proud of.

I better finish this blog as we have a birthday to celebrate and fresh caught fish is on the menu so until next time, feel free to visit us on the farm and  "Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food".